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5 (Unfortunate) Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Fixing

1. Hot Air If your air conditioner is blowing hot air, it’s not good. It could mean a broken compressor or refrigerant leak. 2. Water Notice any water or leaks around your unit? Houston, we have a problem. It could be a minor issue, like something blocking the drain tube. ...

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10 tips for a winning offer

There are signs the hot seller’s market is starting to cool in some states. But here in Central Florida, many home buyers are still struggling to get into a new house.  Here are a few tips to increase your chances of landing the home of your dreams when the inventory ...

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Is Upgrading the New Downsizing?

You don’t have to wait to retire to take advantage of the bump in equity in your home. With home values soaring, now could be the time to sell.  Downsizing no longer means downgrading. We’ve long associated downsizing with getting too old to maintain your home or downgrading your personal ...

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Discover Hunter’s Creek

The gem of south Orange County, Hunter’s Creek is defined by its scenic neighborhoods, convenient location, and a small-town feel that’s hard to find in sprawling Central Florida. One of the state’s first eco-friendly planned communities, Hunter’s Creek ecompasses 44 neighborhoods and hundreds of acres of conservation land around Shingle ...

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