3% Total Commission

It’s only going to cost me 3% to sell my house with you? What’s the catch?

There is no catch. The 3% Real E$tate concept grew from our frustration over how home sellers chose listing agents. The process seemed so arbitrary. Many sellers simply “gave” their listing to a friend or family member in the business. They got nothing in return and rationalized their “gift” like this:

“All agents charge the same 6% commission, right?”

“I might as well give the listing to my niece Mary since she has her license.”

Listing agents like Mary often got business without having to earn it. Sellers typically didn’t shop around for Real Estate services. After all, with nearly 200,000 licensed agents in the state of Florida, everybody knows a Realtor.

Our firm had been part of this antiquated system for 20 years when we decided to disrupt the status quo. We built a business model from the ground up based on pricing that is about 50% of the industry standard. The service is the same, only the pricing is different.  

How’s that possible? Technology. Selling houses is easier today than ever before thanks to cell phones, electronic signature capabilities, and Real Estate software. Agents can facilitate transactions in just a few clicks from anywhere, at any time. What once took weeks now takes seconds. We lowered our costs because real estate deals require less work in the 21st Century.

The standard 6% commission on a $300,000 home costs the seller $18,000, half for the listing agent and half for the buyer agent (Easy money, part-time hours. No wonder there are so many Realtors, right?).

Using our model at 3% Real E$tate, the seller pays $9,495 in total. That provides a 2% commission for the buyer agent to bring in potential sales. We take a 1% commission and a flat $495 transaction fee. Sellers receive exactly the same service at half the cost. That’s because we’re a modern brokerage with a modern pricing structure.

At 3% Real E$tate, we know home sellers are paying more than they would under a more competitive system. That’s why we’re competing. The internet has drastically changed our economy, and it’s time the Real Estate industry caught up. We have.

    Full Service Broker – Why Pay More?  

3% + $495  Total Commission!
Buyers Agent 2%
Listing Agent 1% + $495
$300,000 home commission charge = $9,495

  – Ray Guenther, Broker

3% Real E$tate is a full service Brokerage, a member of Orlando Association of Realtors as well as the Osceola Association of Realtors.  We are members of the MLS and the Kissimmee Downtown Business Association.  I have been a licensed Realtor since 1997 and a licensed Broker since 2001.  License #BK657563

We work professionally and efficiently.  We don’t “use” our friendships and relationships to extract business.  On the contrary, our mission is to use our business skills to create and strengthen friendships.  Contact us.

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