5 (Unfortunate) Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Fixing

August 24, 2021

1. Hot Air
If your air conditioner is blowing hot air, it’s not good. It could mean a broken compressor or refrigerant leak.

2. Water
Notice any water or leaks around your unit? Houston, we have a problem. It could be a minor issue, like something blocking the drain tube. But it could be something worse, like a refrigerant leak. It may not be an emergency, but you’ll want to address the problem before it gets worse and leads to mold.

3. Weird Sounds
Your air conditioner should run fairly quietly. You should NOT hear grinding, squealing, grating, or other loud sounds. 

4. Bad Smells
A pungent odor in your may indicate the wire insulation in the system is burned and needs to be replaced. Another sign of mold. No bueno.

5. Humid Inside
Part of an air conditioner’s job is to pull humidity from the air inside your home. If you notice water pooling around windows or a sticky feeling to the air inside your home, it’s probably a sign your air conditioner needs some work.